Thursday, March 01, 2007

India Palace

Day 5. India Palace was special because it served vegetarian food and it had an extensive dosa menu. On this visit we found out that it is now under new management and while dosas are still available there's a full curry menu too.

We ended up ordering three of these masala dosa. It's difficult to explain the texture of the dosa - made out of ground lentils and rice flour, it was not crunchy but more like a thin stiff (but soft) bread. There was a dollop of potato masala inside the dosa to go with it.

Without the big dosa menu and the different dosas to choose from, we thought we might as well order from the regular menu (the manager was also getting a little puxhy too). We got the fish tikka to start. The big chunks of boneless white fish was cooked just right the the spices were delicious. I love tandoori - just the smell of it makes my mouth water.

Lamb rogan josh. Pretty average with no distinctive flavours.

Our veg dish dal makhani. Again pretty average.

We were feeling healthy for the day and therefore another veg dish - aloo chana masala. It wasn't bad and was probably the best amongst the other dishes we ordered that day.

Chicken tikka masala. Again, pretty nondescript.

The nan bread was good. But then it's difficult to screw that up.

The food overall was mediocre. Don't think we will bother making a special trip to the dark side again next time. The meal for 4 with two or three beers each came to HK$760.
The places serves Carlsberg on tap but make sure you make it clear that you want draft otherwise you will get Carlsberg in cans.

India Palace
1/F, 19-21 Hankow Rd, TST, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel: 2736-6617


Scott McLean said...

Hi, I like Indian food, especially halwa which I make, because I love to eat sweets. haha

Shanghai Bunny said...

Haven't tried halwa before but will look out for it. I understand there are different types of halwa - which one is the best? Somehow carrot doesn't sound too nice.