Friday, March 09, 2007

Whisk Choco Cafe

Everyone is talking about Whisk and its desserts. Apart from desserts it also has pizzas, pastas, paninis and risottos on the menu. We found the place tucked behind a courtyard on a quieter stretch of Huai Hai Road. We were seated at the spacious back room of the bright cafe with light wood and minimal design. We all decided to take the panini lunch special for RMB50, which also include a salad and a coffee. We thought we would save room for desserts.

There were about 8 different paninis on the menu. They came swiftly after our salad and man was it fresh. The bread was grilled to perfection (there's nothing nicer than a good toasty hot sandwich in the cold). My prosciutto and artichoke one was soooo rich and creamy with the cheese sauce and mushroom I felt full before could finish half of it. My friends C and U were also struggling with theirs.

Portions were definitely big in Whisk. We looked around and saw big plates of pasta and risotto (they all looked good!). At the end I was the only piggy to insist on sampling the dessert. The choices were all very tempting. There were the chocolate cookies and brownies, but the one thing which jumped out was the Molten chocolate cake with ice cream (RMB35). Hmmm. Given my limited tummy space I opted for the chocolate pudding with ice cream and cookie (RMB30).
The cookie was the crunchy variety (I prefer soft doughy ones) but nonetheless it was delicious. The hot chocolate sauce gave a nice contrast to the ice cream and they went well with the pudding underneath. All in all it was enjoyable but not as nice as my husband's treacle pudding though (honest to god).
Next time I will have to try the Molten chocolate cake!

1250 Huai Hai Central Road (near Chang Su Rd), Shanghai. Tel: 5404-7770

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