Friday, March 16, 2007

Lego+Texas Chainsaw Massacre = shepherd's pie

Finally I made a stab at using the food processor! I bought it a few years back (with all the attachments too!) for my husband but I never got around using it. Truth be told it's all too complicated for me and I was never good with Lego.
Task of the day: mincing beef. Why do it at home? a) The stupid supermarket never has minced beef when you want it. b) It's probably better to do it yourself so at least you know what's in it. And c) It was actually kind of fun putting it together! I have to say I was really impressed. The design was simple yet cunning - a man-made marvel if you ask me.

I turned the power on gingerly, half expecting the whole thing to start dancing wildly on the kitchen counter. And guess what - it actually worked! The minced beef came out ever so smoothly. It was like watching the creation of a new life - I totally watched in awe.It was all very cool for about 5 seconds. Then the sound and the smell hit me. You know the sound of thousands of maggots or snakes slithering like they have in the horror movies - that's what it sounded like! To make things worse I was standing right in front of the nozzle and got a whiff of the raw meat. (Yes I am convinced that raw meat has got a smell - not a bad one necessary but a smell.) I jumped side way to avoid the air flow. Good thing it didn't take long to finish the task.

Question: why is the urge of sticking one's finger in where it shouldn't be so great? I had to stop myself numerous times from putting my hand in the slot. Imagine having to explain the injury to the embarrassing.

P.S. My shepherd's pie felt a lot leaner (and as a result a bit dryer) then usual. Still worth doing it I guess for health reasons.

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