Sunday, March 18, 2007

moisture boost

For those who know me I am hopelessly addicted to face masks. I will try anything when it comes face masks. In my book there are two types of masks: very good ones for emergency and 'first-aid" uses, and maintenance ones (read: useless, might-as-well-use-it crap). Either way I rotate the use of them all pretty much on a daily basis and here is a little review on the stuff I got from my last quest.

I was always interested in the Zensation Intensive Hydromask but there hadn't been a strong enough motive to go out to get one (the poor marketing people). Then I came across this promotion: basically when you buy the hydration mask (HK$580) you get a normal-size moisture cream (HK$635) as a gift ! I ran to the shop the moment I got into town!
The mask is white in color and with a hint of calming lavender smell. It doesn't look very creamy but it glides on nicely and it can be easily spread to a thin layer.

The first time I tried it I really didn't know what to expect, other than the normal moisture boost. My face felt dewy and supple right after, but then most semi-decent masks would do just that. Then I noticed something strange during the day. When I looked in the mirror I noticed this unusual glow! Why did I look better then usual? (I know I am vain.) I thought maybe I had a good night sleep but I kind of suspect it was the mask. I gave it another week and tried it again for the second time. Surely the glow came back once again! Wow! To bad it only lasted a day. :-(
I will try the face cream when I have time (right now I'm still on my Shiseido Revital program). Too bad the mask is so pricey (the tub is only 50g!). It was acceptable with the promotion (with the free face cream) but I don't think I will buy another one on its own. For this price range I think I will go for the Swissline Cell Shock Lifting Replenishing Mask (HK$585 for 50g also). At least the effects last a little longer.
Somehow Guinot products always seem professional to me. I guess I got the impression from seeing them ever so often at spas and beauty salons (ah! the power of marketing). I was more than happy to be able to try the Nutrition Confort mask with a special offer (2 tubes of Guinot masks for HK$500). I know my husband would ask why I would be "happy" when I'm giving my money away. Oh well.
The mask has a cream clay texture but it's almost oily with the essential oil in it. It smells of thyme and something almost minty- very soothing indeed. I tried it a couple of times and I really liked the moisture effect of the essential oil. The smell is instantly relaxing and it feels therapeutic it's working deep into my skin. Will buy it again.
The Estee Lauder Hydra Complete Multi-Level Moisture Gel mask (HK$270) unfortunately falls into my maintenance category. I didn't really expect it to work too well (never had too much luck with Estee Lauder products) but I thought I would give it a try because I did like its Advance Night Repair fluid. Well, The mask is a disappointment. To put it nicely lets say I couldn't tell any difference at all after using it. I suppose it can't make things worse if I keep using it. I was going to try the Multi-Level Moisture Cream Gel but I guess I can bin the idea.

The Chanel Hydration Mask (HK$350) turns out to be a flop as well. I could feel an allergy coming just smelling the stuff. It says on the leaflet that one should indulge and relax with the fragrance but I find it challenging to do so. Once I had it on the smell is just so artificial it was intruding. Maybe it was psychological but I could almost feel a warm itchy sensation on my skin. I didn't get any allergic reactions from it though (I used it about 3 times so far) but it didn't really do much to my skin. Should have known. Chanel skincare? What was I thinking?

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