Friday, June 05, 2009

Raj Cuisine

No trip to the UK would feel complete without a visit to our favourite curry haunt Raj Cuisine! Tucked around on the main street in a small town, it has probably got the best curry in the world!

As soon as we sat down a tack of poppadum was presented, unlike some places in Shanghai where you have to order them and pay through the roof for 2 or 3 pathetic looking ones.
We actually prefer Kingfisher but Cobra would do just fine.
My husband's favourite onion bhaji. It's basically deep fried shredded onions made into some kind of batter with chickpeas and flour with spices and herbs. A nice light starter to begin our meal.
A couple of curries we ordered: lamb vindaloo and chicken tikka masala. I think we under-estimated how spicy the vindaloo would be and we both suffered the day after. Ouch!
My favourite of all Indian dishes tandoori chicken. The chicken used was very fresh and juicy and I just love the spices. I can have this everyday!
Lamb biryani. Again it was a tad too spicy then what we had expected but nonetheless we polished everything off. Nice chunky pieces of lamb too.
Somehow the biryani came with a mild veg curry. We had forgotten al about it once again and we ended up with too many curries.
Our Bombay aloo, which we didn't need.
And proper nan bread at last! It was still bubbling when it got to the table and the buttery smell was to die for.
Our meal came to around 45 pounds. A real bargain for what we got especially comparing to what we have to pay in Shanghai.

Rai Cuisine
31 The Broadway, New Haw, Addlestone, Surrey, UK. Tel: 01932 348 400

home meals

A couple of home-cooked meals while we were in the UK.

Roasted chicken with all the trimmings.  Yum!

Our Easter dessert.

Another meat and 3-veg, pork chop swimming in gravy.

British Airways

Lunch on board.
I was praying I wouldn't get food-poisoning.  Luckily I was OK.

My steak was overcooked but I didn't expect much.

The pasta was way too soggy.

Our second meal.  The parma ham was way too salty.

A lame arrangement of food on the side.

I don't even remember if this was chicken or pork.  Overall there were no nice surprises but we were not unhappy.  At least it gave us something to do to break up the boring flight.