Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kabb Bar and Grill

We totally forgot about Kabb ever since I stopped drinking.  The food is actually not too bad in there although it is a bit pricey these days.

My virgin bloody mary kit.  By serving the Worcester sauce etc extra on a nice tray they have the cheek to charge RMB75 for my drink.  It's a bit of a rip off I have to say.

The brunch menu is a little limiting if you don't eat eggs (like I am at the moment).  My husband's nicoise salad looked very nice though.

My burger with chili was average.  No real surprises there and it's really difficult to get a nice chili in Shanghai.  I miss Moon River!
Kabb Bar and Grill
North Block, XinTianDi, Shanghai.  Tel:3307-0798

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fashion Police vol.15

I thought these feet deserve a separate Fashion Police entry.  There are so many questions.  Why is it that his flip flops are 6 sizes too big?  Why are his toes shooting out in all directions?  Why is there a plastic bag between his feet and the flip flops?  Why are they so smelly?

Fashion Police vol.14

Fashion Police is back!  While we were walking around the zoo aka Skanks'r'us we couldn't help but to make a number of fashion arrests.  It was almost more fun than looking at animals!

We spotted Inspector Gadget from a long way back with that shine on his coat.

And here's our skanky boots showcase:

She's strutting her stuff with her boots with studs. If I had a butt like that I'd be hiding it. 

Big bird with chicken pox with skanky boots.  You can tell she's from Shanghai when she made her man carry her bag.

Stumpy with skanky boots.

Hooker chic skanky boots.

Shanghai Zoo

We've been here for more than 3 years and yet we never thought of visiting the zoo.  I guess we are not really zoo people to begin with.  

We didn't expect much to be honest and we were surprised to see the vast variety of animals!

This is the first vulture I saw in real life.  We were down-wind and I swear I could almost smell the raw meat.  It put me off a bit.

Cute little jack-ass penguins.

This has to be the ugliest brown bear in the world.  For some reason the mouth is all crooked?  Too many biscuits?  Poor thing is being fed junk all day.

Begging for food here.  So sad.

At least the pandas are kept behind glass otherwise they will be eating junk too.

A cool cat.

My husband said he was sure the lion heard his shutter and decided to stare right into his camera.  It freaked him out a bit.

My favourite animal for the day.

There were at least four giraffes as we could see.  I wonder why so many?

Too bad there were so many clowns in there feeding the poor animals junk food.  Where are the park rangers when you need them?

Monday, December 08, 2008


We paid yet another visit to Slice on a rainy Saturday afternoon.  Although it was a little chilly it didn't stop me from having my favourite mango smoothie. Yum! 

Since we were staving we decided to have a full meal.  To start I had the antipasto platter.  Not a bad selection.  Lots of eggplants!

My husband's mezza plate.  I wish we have a slicing machine at home so we can slice and toast bagels they way they did it.  They tasted almost like melba toasts but more textile.  Loved them!

Organic Chicken.  Apparently it was really spicy.

Grilled Atlantic salmon.  It looked and tasted good and I felt very healthy afterwards.  Lots of eggplants!

The meal was very nice but we had to dash really quickly as it was VERY noisy in there.  Everybody was talking, kids running, people dragging their chairs across the floor...the noise level was unbearable.  Perhaps we would limit our visits to weekdays.

688 Bi Yun Rd. (nr. Lan An Rd.), Pudong Shanghai.  Tel: 3382-0653

La Creperie

It's a bit limited for me to order at La Creperie when I am now cutting out dairy and eggs completely.  It was satisfying enough to look at my husband's galette.

I didn't want salad and went for some beef rolls instead.  I had no idea what they'd be like but they were actually a pleasant surprise.  The beef was quite juicy and I wished there were more.

My husband's coffee ice cream crepe.  I tried a tiny dollop and all I can say is forbidden ice cream tastes so much better!
La Creperie
1 Tao Jiang Rd. (nr. Dong Ping Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 5465-9055