Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shanghai Zoo

We've been here for more than 3 years and yet we never thought of visiting the zoo.  I guess we are not really zoo people to begin with.  

We didn't expect much to be honest and we were surprised to see the vast variety of animals!

This is the first vulture I saw in real life.  We were down-wind and I swear I could almost smell the raw meat.  It put me off a bit.

Cute little jack-ass penguins.

This has to be the ugliest brown bear in the world.  For some reason the mouth is all crooked?  Too many biscuits?  Poor thing is being fed junk all day.

Begging for food here.  So sad.

At least the pandas are kept behind glass otherwise they will be eating junk too.

A cool cat.

My husband said he was sure the lion heard his shutter and decided to stare right into his camera.  It freaked him out a bit.

My favourite animal for the day.

There were at least four giraffes as we could see.  I wonder why so many?

Too bad there were so many clowns in there feeding the poor animals junk food.  Where are the park rangers when you need them?

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