Monday, December 08, 2008


We paid yet another visit to Slice on a rainy Saturday afternoon.  Although it was a little chilly it didn't stop me from having my favourite mango smoothie. Yum! 

Since we were staving we decided to have a full meal.  To start I had the antipasto platter.  Not a bad selection.  Lots of eggplants!

My husband's mezza plate.  I wish we have a slicing machine at home so we can slice and toast bagels they way they did it.  They tasted almost like melba toasts but more textile.  Loved them!

Organic Chicken.  Apparently it was really spicy.

Grilled Atlantic salmon.  It looked and tasted good and I felt very healthy afterwards.  Lots of eggplants!

The meal was very nice but we had to dash really quickly as it was VERY noisy in there.  Everybody was talking, kids running, people dragging their chairs across the floor...the noise level was unbearable.  Perhaps we would limit our visits to weekdays.

688 Bi Yun Rd. (nr. Lan An Rd.), Pudong Shanghai.  Tel: 3382-0653

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