Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kabb Bar and Grill

We totally forgot about Kabb ever since I stopped drinking.  The food is actually not too bad in there although it is a bit pricey these days.

My virgin bloody mary kit.  By serving the Worcester sauce etc extra on a nice tray they have the cheek to charge RMB75 for my drink.  It's a bit of a rip off I have to say.

The brunch menu is a little limiting if you don't eat eggs (like I am at the moment).  My husband's nicoise salad looked very nice though.

My burger with chili was average.  No real surprises there and it's really difficult to get a nice chili in Shanghai.  I miss Moon River!
Kabb Bar and Grill
North Block, XinTianDi, Shanghai.  Tel:3307-0798

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