Thursday, March 08, 2007


An upscale curry house completed with a lounge and an open-kitchen, Vedas delivers some pretty consistently tasty dishes, with new additions on the menu from time to time.

My husband's favourite starter: onion bhaji (RMB35), in ball shape, just like Raj's in the UK. (Raj's is the smallest Indian place near his parents but has the BEST food and inevitably everywhere we go we make comparisons. Not very scientific but hey.) The truth is there are thousands of onion bhaji recipes around and they are always different. I liked this version because the onions were still moist and had lots of flavours, as supposed to the dry and lumpy version we had at other places. They went well with the mint yogurt sauce on the side.

I would never allow a curry without a tandoori dish. In this case we ordered the whole tandoori chicken (RMB115). It came out smoking and the meat was tender and juicy. It didn't have the usual orange color dye neither.

For the curries we got the dal makhani (RMB50) - black lentils with tomatoes and herbs. It's a good mild and buttery buffer dish for the spicier curries. The lentils were cooked to almost dissolve and the sauce as a result was really thick. Perfect for the nan bread (RMB18).

We gave this new dish a try: mushroom methi (RMB45). We had never heard of this dish before and on the description it said something about fenugreek. We really liked it - it had a very penetrating herb-y taste, a little like fennel or cumin maybe? It certainly had more of a kick then we expected. Loved it!

I did some googling on fenugreek and apparently it is widely used in a lot of cuisines (see here or here). It has also got medicinal properties as well (here), and some believe it facilitates breast feeding (here)!

Lamb biryani (RMB55): chunky boneless pieces of lamb cooked with basmati rice. Very fragrant. I was a little gutted that we didn't get the lamb vindoloo this time, otherwise the spicy vinegary vindaloo sauce would go perfect with the rice.
The bill came to RMB385 with 2 nans and 2 drinks after the Enjoy Card discount.
550 Jian Guo West Rd.(near Wulumuqi Rd), Shanghai. Tel: 6445-3670

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