Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Deep cleansing - NOT!

As a face-mask addict the search for cleansing masks is eternal and so far not too much luck. Time for some bitchin'.

There was so much hype with the launch of Natura Bisse my cousin E and I practically raced to the counter to empty our wallets. Between the two of us we tried 4 products (all masks) and I have to say everything we tried was mediocre at best. I should have stopped buying any more but once again I fell victim to the evil marketing tactics again and decided to give this cleansing mask a try.
Well most of the cleansing masks I tried tend to feel a little dry afterwards and I can totally accept that. One always needs to use a moisturising mask right after anyway. This particular mask though..I don't even know where to begin. It's so dry that it STRIPED my skin! The bits on the side of my nose were peeling despite the deep moisturising mask which followed. My very first in my mask career.


The Isa Knox hot-and-cold pack has all the right jargon. The hot one "opens pores", "purify", and "clean". It heats up once it goes on and with the circular rubbing motion it will draw impurities out. Truth be told it draws suckers like me in more than anything else. The warming sensation is nothing more than a novelty. I did not feel any cleansing property the two times I used it.
The cold pack is a piece of silicone film which is supposed to refine and condition the cleaned pores. It sucks even more than hot pack. First of all it's really dry, with no more than 3 drops of liquid all together - I can probably squeeze more juice out of my ipod skin.
Then there's the shape. How the heck are you supposed to fit that on your face? When I finally figured out that the mask would just cover my nose and half my cheeks I was even more annoyed. What about the rest of the face? The forehead? The chin? Do we not have pores on those places?

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