Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Xin Wang Restaurant

A very popular Hong Kong-style cafe chain, usually spotlessly clean and pretty efficient. We tried out the branch near Times Square for the first time the other day.

The Singapore noodles looked promising but it looked better than it actually was. Despite its rich color it didn't have too much taste. It was almost sweet (especially the eggs) and not spicy at all. The ingredients were nice and fresh though. I actually ate the prawns and although they were most probably previously frozen they tasted nice and plump.

The rice noodle with 4 balls and seaweed was small and there were literally just 4 balls. Sad. The beef one was the only one edible; the other three pretty blah. The yellow one I think was a fish ball - you can buy tastier ones from supermarket in a vacuum pack. All in all it was pretty lame and too expensive for what you get.

We also got a sampan congee (sorry no picture) and it was probably the best dish out of the 3. It came piping hot boiling still in a clay pot. With my ginger tea the bill came to RMB65. Will go back and try other stuff on the menu.

Xin Wang Restaurant
138 Huai Hai Central Rd, entrance at Jin Ling Rd (near Pu An Rd), Shanghai. Tel: 6375-6357

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