Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fat Man Hot Pot

More on day 5. We decided to go to our friends K and N's pad to see their cats - rescued from Singapore a couple of months ago! This one is Jeega - he's permanently active and bouncy.

And this is the gentle and adorable Rabbell. He let me stroke him for an hour at least!

After 2 bottles of wine we all got a bit peckish and decided to go to the neighbourhood hotpot place. We liked the al fresco sitting and the friendly patrons. Oh and the $10 bottled beers as well of course. We ordered the Sichuan spicy soup base, and the clear broth as an insurance policy. It was a good call because the spicy one got spicier the more we had.

We ordered the usual dishes like beef, chicken, meat balls, and etc. The mushroom+pork balls were a hit. We were also particularly impressed with the vegetable combo.

The bill came to HK$295 and we must have had about 8 or 9 beers (large bottles!)all together? No wonder the food was so good!

Fat Man Hot Pot (The owner's name is "Man")
Cooked Food Market, Yue Wan Estate, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

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