Saturday, March 10, 2007


Since I am such a meatball fan I wasn't going to walk past the IKEA cafeteria without sampling its meatballs.

There were more options than I expected - there were even Chinese food being served. The day I went there was kung po chicken, egg drop soup (yuck), some kind of stir-fried veg, BBQ wings, grilled salmon, grilled chicken. For starters there were gravlax (looked dry), green salad, there might even be a soup of the day. I went straight for the meat balls instead. They came in 3 sizes: plate of 10, 15, or 20; with rice(WT?) or french fries. Being greedy I went for the RMB25 for 20 option.
They honestly tasted OK, though a bit to the salty side. I ate 17 of them before I knew it. The gravy was a little undistinguished, but made a good pair with the fries. For RMB25 I would pick meatballs any day over a McDonald's combo.

126 Cao Xi Rd., Shanghai. Tel: 5425-6060

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