Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hong Court, Ambassy Club

Our landlord granted us memberships with the Embassy Club and we get RMB3000 worth of credit we can spend with any of the restaurants at the club. Free food! Almost as good as free booze. Whoohoo!

Truth be told we go eat at the Embassy Club to eat because the place is always empty and stress free when it comes to getting a table. The food is average and expensive by local standards but it's "free" for us (except we get ripped off with the rent). Well might as well eat some off.

Back to the actual lunch. I don't know why these places bother with the crappy starters that nobody eats. A horrible thought: do they recycle them? Here we had dates and some pickled carrots, cucumber and radish. I tried the sweet. What's the point?

We ordered the sauteed fresh shrimps (RMB88) again as we were impressed with it the last time we had it. Well this time it didn't look right...the glassy finishing sauce looked too thick. I have no idea what this sauce is but it should be light and delicate. This wasn't the case. It was kind of heavy and the prawns were not prepared carefully. Two or three of them were not completely de-veined (yes we are picky) but yuck!

Our stir-fried honey peas with lily bulbs and kidney beans (RMB48)was nice. Not much they could do to screw it up to be honest.

We also got the fried rice (RMB48), shrimp dumplings (RMB22), Siu Mai (RMB18), and some beef rice sticks (RMB16). I didn't take pictures of the because they were average looking and tasting and that I've written about them numerous time before (see here and here).

Lunch was RMB260 - more expensive than Crystal Jade. We got charged for the stupid dates and pickles as well whether we liked it or not. Good thing it was free!

Hong Court
Ambassy Club, 1500 Central Huai Hai Rd., Shanghai

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