Saturday, March 24, 2007


All-you-can-eat places excite me. Sometimes it's fun to just stuff yourself silly...hence the picture with the half-eaten steak. Sorry guys I was too busy chowing down my grub before I realised I forgot about the picture.

For RMB68 per person you get to have all the starters, BBQ meats and desserts. As you can see here the starters were nothing special - the usual pasta salad, beans from the can, egg salad, veg etc. There were also hot dishes like beef and pork on the side, but I decided I would save room for the BBQ meat instead.
There was just Brazilian dude serving the meat and therefore there was a bit of a wait here and there. He was also very careful to serve us just one piece of whatever each time, despite the fact that I told him we were hungry. (He gave us a mere 'hmm' as a response - sense of humour bypass!) Anyway we got to try the beef, sausage, chicken, beef, lamb, and more beef. All of them tasted a tad bit too salty. They also served us some cheese bread and fries during the meal. Not bad for 68 bucks - we had some ice cream at the end too. Definitely quantity over quality.

Latina (4 locations)
XinTianDi, Tai Cang Rd.(near Ma Dang Rd). Shanghai. Tel: 6320-3566

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