Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sakae Sushi

A Singaporean sushi chain with branches across Asia. It serves average but somewhat consistent food at cheap prices. A place for quantity and not quality for sure.

The plates on the conveyor belt always look a bit dodgy (they never mark how long the stuff has been on the belt) but you can order from the big menu. The day we went we were delighted to find out that a all-you-can-eat deal was on, and for RMB98/person you can order from a list of 60 different items (at least) in 90 minute's time.

I got some sashimi - salmon, seabream, tuna, and cuttlefish to start. Each portion has 3 pieces. They were like the regular supermarket sushi variety.

The vegetable tempura. There were 3 pieces - mushroom, carrot, and green pepper. The batter was too thick, greasy and sloppy. Below par.

The mini-California rolls, egg maki and salmon maki. Again average, not particularly tasty or nasty.

The egg sushi (my favourite) and the crab salad gunkan. Tasted fine to me.

I forgot what this was called but it was the house special. Some kind of white fish in a thick yellow sauce, fried in butter. Tasted better than it looked. I had to blot the oil on a napkin though (but then i do that a lot anyways).

The teppan salmon - oddly in a sauce. I wished they would just fry and fish and serve it pronto but no they had it soaked in some sauce and rearrange the skin instead. Totally unnecessary.

More success with the grilled eel. I loved the thick sweet sauce but the fish was a little too fishy.

The grilled mackerel was firm and meaty. We ended up ordering an extra portion.

I couldn't resist the urge to have some udon so here we are: the vegetable udon noodles. Nothing special but it filled the hole.
We got second orders of more sashimi, sushi and California rolls - we ate like 2 truckers. Not Nobu quality but a very satisfying meal overall. We will definitely go back when we feel like binging again.

7/F, Parkson Shopping Centre, 918 HuaiHai Central Rd (near Shaanxi Rd, Shanghai. Tel: 6415-9726

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