Monday, March 05, 2007

Stanley's travel blog

As my brother Henry is still stranded in Beijing I got to travel with my parents to Hong Kong! It was my first time back there since we moved to Shanghai in 2005 and I was pretty stoked about it. Then of course there was all the red pockets I got to collect too!

My brother is the globe trotter in the family but I am quite a seasoned traveller too.
Look at me whizzing my way around on the subway. People were not too friendly at all on the train though, perhaps they were terrorized by the presence of a brown bear? The only people who smiled at me were the small children.
Then it was friday afternoon piss-up session in good old Wanchai. Loved my lychee martini. At least people there didn't judge me, but Wanchai is full of freaks, right? Or just old and over-weight dudes with bad comb-overs? In any case I think I was the most handsome (not to mention well-dressed) chap there. Too bad I didn't get to check out the hubba hubba at the strip joint across the street this time (I bet they'd let me in too as long as I had the money).

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