Thursday, March 22, 2007

Citizen Bar Cafe

After our lamb feast our friend Ca miraculously had room for dessert (and I thought I eat a lot) and took us to a cafe she knows of right around the corner.

Citizen is a small place with 2 floors. We were surprised to see that apart from the drinks and desserts it actually had a full (and somewhat expensive) food menu as well. I took a look on the internet and apparently the place is voted the best cafe in Shanghai in 2006. Not much is said about the food but I will keep the place in mind for our next lunch excursion.

Our carrot cake expert C tried the carrot walnut cake (RMB28). He said it had a nice taste but it was too spongy. He added that a carrot cake should have more texture - perhaps more carrots?

My husband gave the fresh baked apple pie with vanilla ice cream (RMB30) 5 out of 10. He said the apples were pappy and there was no proper topping.
Sorry for the out-of-focus pictures. It was all the dark beer and wine.

222 Jin Xian Rd. (Near Shan Xi Rd West), Shanghai. Tel: 6258-1620

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