Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dan's Old Farm House

Two words to sum this place up: meat fest. If you ever feel like simple food with meat and veg in gravy, this is the place to be. Dan, the Danish owner, has a menu with German and Scandinavian dishes in big portions.

As usual, we ordered the mama's potato salad with Vienna sausages (RMB68) to share, saving room for the huge main courses. There were bits of gherkins in the salad and it was all tasty - until we dug towards the middle of the was almost frozen! It was the first time it happened of all our visits. Can one freeze potato salad? Or maybe it was all pre-made and chilled to the bone? So many questions.
I think U decided to play safe and ordered the grilled ribeye steak with pan-fried potatoes and vegetables (RMB125). It was simple and no real surprises.

My husband ordered the sausage plate (RMB105). There were 2 Thüringer, 2 Nürnberger and 2 Danish sausages, served with mashed spuds, fried onions and sauerkraut. Our favourite was the Thüringer sausages - had all the right spices and flavours.

My crispy grilled pork knuckle (RMB125). I never ate the skin, I know, some will it's sacrilegious. Just don't like skin. Period. Anyway it sounded crispy enough when I sliced my knife through. The meat was firm and salted - not quite so delicate as the version at Chesa - but I loved it.

I had too many drinks to remember how much the bill was. The prices I have on here are the Sherpa's delivery prices, which are more expensive than the prices on the menu (WHY???? Since you pay RMB15 for delivery service anyway?).

Dan's Old Farm House
318 Julu Rd (near MaoMing Rd), Shanghai. Tel: 6258-5560

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