Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Moon River Diner

An American diner with all the comfort food such as burgers, sandwiches, pot-pies, all day breakfasts, and all other goodies on the extensive menu.

My guilty pleasure: the Oreo shake (RMB35) made with thick and creamy ice cream. It was not as thick as a Dairy Queen Blizzard but just as good.

I also got the chili cheese fries(RMB25), another favourite of mine. There were chunks of meat in the chili. Yum. One of these days I will have to try the chili cheese dog. The thing is I can never NOT order the burger. Dilemma!

My friend C got the tomato soup and BLT (RMB40). The soup was rich and zingy and the sandwich fresh. A light and refreshing choice.

I wanted the full monty and went for the southwest burger (RMB55). It was basically the classic diner burger with roasted spicy peppers on top. I opted for the sour cream potato salad on the side and to my surprise it actually tasted good with the egg and the onions in it. (I never expect too much from side dishes...usually you get some blah coleslaw or salad.)

R got the classic burger with small green salad. The bill came to RMB210 with the 10% Enjoy Card discount.

Moon River Diner (4 locations in Shanghai)
Hong Mei Food Street, 3338 Hong Mei Rd., Shanghai. Tel: 5169-9156

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