Thursday, April 03, 2008

Singapore - Jumbo Seafood

Jumbo was the busiest joint along the quay so we figured it had to be good. The earliest reservation we manged to get on a Saturday evening was 9:30pm. Good thing I had some snacks in the afternoon or I would have died staving.

We ordered a number of dishes and the first thing to arrive was the stir-fried broccoli. You know you're in a Chinese restaurant when you get your dishes in random orders. The broccoli was very crispy and fresh we decided to order a second portion.

This pile of meat, sorry black pepper steak, was one of the signature dishes. It came sizzling hot and tasted better than it looked. I wouldn't be calling it a signature dish though.

Now the reason to come to this place: Singapore chili crab. It was my first time to try the dish and being a crab lover I enjoyed every bite of it. I wished we had ordered a larger crab cos the claws were not as big as I had hoped for. The sauce was spicy but sweet at the same time and it was so thick it coated the crab nicely. It had quite a uniquely nice taste but I have to say I prefer the Under Bridge version better (see here).

The waitress suggested some bread rolls to scoop up the chili crab sauce. They were miniature Chinese buns and while my husband liked the plain ones the deep fried ones did it for me.

Last but not least was the seafood fried rice. It was fried with egg white, prawns, and chunks of scallops. It was delicious! The rice was firm and dry and not overly greasy - it's easily as good as the one in Yung Kee.

On the side there was a dip made with what I believe to be chili, garlic and vinegar. I should have asked about it because it would have been a very nice addition to have in the kitchen. Similar to the chicken rice dip (which I love) this sauce had a lot more kick to it. Two thumbs up!
Dinner for two came to S$110 and we thought it was pretty good value...especial when our curry cost about S$100 the other night.

Jumbo Seafood
Riverside Point, 30 Merchant Rd., Singapore. Tel: 6532-3435

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