Sunday, April 20, 2008

my birthday meal #1

The resort my husband took me for my surprise birthday trip. It was everything I ever wanted: husband not working, spa, massages, lake, little boat trips, Chinese gardens, pool, outdoor jacuzzi, walks, What else could I ask for?

There were only 4 other guests in the place and we hardly ran into anybody for the 2 nights we were there. We lived and ate like kings...would love to go back!

Now the food. There are three restaurants in the resort and the first meal we had was lunch at the Chinese restaurant. We were served some local cold dishes to begin our meal.

Prawns with longjing tea. Not bad and we liked the delicate taste with the tea leaves. Perfect with the vinegar dip too.

Stir-fried beef with green peppers. The beef was very lean and tender and we could actually eat the peppers as they were not spicy at all. A very nice dish!

We wanted ma po tofu but they didn't have tofu that day so we settled for some bamboo shoots instead. The bamboo shoots were crunchy and interesting but the sauce didn't really do it for us. It was very thick and oily with a soya sauce base and it kept repeating on us all afternoon.

Some kind of beef and veg dumplings. Freshly made and steamed they were very enjoyable.

We enjoyed the pork dumplings as well. The broth inside was not as tasty as the one in Ding Tai Fung but on the plus side we didn't get thirsty. Makes you wonder eh.

The house special fried rice was simple but excellent. We liked the plump Japanese short grain rice especially. We liked everything about the meal pretty much!

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