Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yung Kee Restaurant

Another trip to Hong Kong, another trip to Yung Kee. This time we were there for lunch and we got to try its dim sum for the first time.

Spring rolls. The fillings were actually really delicious, as supposed to some of the others with mystery fillings.

Siu mai - you can see my husband couldn't wait till after the picture before he grabbed one. again we liked them because the pork inside seemed leaner than the regular versions.

Har-gau. They were nothing extraordinary I have to say.

Our regular dish XO sauce and scrambled eggs. It got a nice kick and not overcooked.

Ma po tofu. It was quite spicy with bits of chili and some kind of chopped-up crunchy pickled vegetable in it. The result was rather interesting and we polished everything off.

Sweet and sour prawns. We liked the size of the prawns but the sauce was not as zingy as the last one I had. A little disappointing really since I had been fantasizing about it for 3 months.

At least the fried rice was excellent to make up for the prawns.
32-40 Wellington St., Central, Hong Kong. Tel: 2522-1624

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