Tuesday, April 22, 2008

my birthday meal #2

We had our second meal at the romantic western restaurant at the resort. The "spa inspired" menu had so many courses we lost count. To start we had some rather peculiar fruit on sticks thingy with oat biscuits on the side. Strange but kind of refreshing and with my sugar cravings I totally enjoyed the biscuits.

We thought the bread-in-shot-glass arrangement was pretty cute.

Some kind of sorbet...my husband said it tasted like fish but I thought it was more like tomato? His face put me off anyway and I couldn't have any more but a little taste. It wasn't that bad really.

Some kind of ravioli. The pastry was so delicate it was like a crepe. Tasty nonetheless.

I totally forgot what the soup was....cream of potato or leek or something like that. I thought it was OK but the man thought it was blah.

Hidden in between the pile of fried bread was a stick of foie gras. I am never a big fan and I shouldn't be eating liver anyway so I only had a little bite of the bread. I didn't like it at all...it was infused with foie gras oil and it was extremely fishy. Something was nor quite right.

My husband picked the lamb lion from the menu naturally.

Jokes aside his lamb was actually a very fine cut of meat cooked to perfection.

My beef tenderloin was equally as nice. Juicy and succulent and as full as I was I managed to cramp the whole thing down.

They made me a birthday cake on top of the dessert. How sweet (and I love mango)! The mango and the sponge cake were so sweet I could feel my baby kicking away immediately - massive sugar rush!

Some kind of chocolate tiramisu cake. It wasn't bad but we were more impressed with the tiny chocolate dots on the top of the plate. They had crunchy bits in the middle like honey comb. Hmmm. The mandarin orange favoured sorbet was also nice.

Petite fours. The macaroons were nice but the snail-looking chocolate things were not.

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