Monday, April 14, 2008

Dong Bei Four Seasons Dumpling King

A big thank for to C to finally take me to this local neighbourhood place as she raved about it for months. We got there for an early lunch the place was simple and clean and already starting to pack up with customers.

We started with some beef dumplings. They are sold by weight and the waitress should be able to determine how much you need (we have no idea on Chinese weight system). They tasted just like the stuff we tried in Harbin, stocky and meaty with thick floury paste.

Caramelized sweet potatoes. I have had caramelized apple and banana before and I'm not a big fan. Caramelized sweet potatoes, on the other hand, were so good I couldn't stop myself from taking another piece. The slightly mushy texture of sweet potato was a perfect match to the crispy caramelized coating. We didn't know why the dish was served right at the beginning but surprisingly it went really well with the rest of the meal.
Braised spicy green beans. They tasted with just the right amount of spiciness but the beans were slightly overcooked.

Fragrant chicken. It came interestingly flattened and I don't know how they managed to make the meat so tender and not overcooked. There were bones and skin but the meat came off really easily.
The best part of the meal: it cost RMB80 for the 4 of us. Will go back again for sure.

Dong Bei Four Seasons Dumpling King
1791 Huai Hai Rd. Middle, (nr. Wan Ping Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6433-0349

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