Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bubba's Texas BBQ

Bubba's came to mind when I decided to have another meat fest. The place was actually nice and quiet over lunch with quicker (and better) service!

C's Mongolian beef brisket (RMB75) with potato salad and coleslaw. She always loved the brisket and the Mongolian one is actually leaner then the US one.
I went for the ultimate triple meat combo (RMB140). The spread included baby pork ribs, pulled pork and Mongolian beef brisket. Loved everything on the plate, especially the ribs. They were nicely flavoured and very very tender and the meat fell off the bone. To my horror I actually managed to finish everything. My stomach is ever expending these days! Bubba's Texas BBQ
2262 Hong Qiao Rd. (nr. Jian He Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6242-2612

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