Thursday, April 24, 2008

my birthday meal #7

We gave the clubhouse restaurant a try for our last meal at the resort.

My first ever chrysanthemum iced tea and I was impressed! I particularly liked the chrysanthemum ice cubes.

We shared some beef satays. They were lean but nothing special.

My nasi goreng was not bad but it was a little too sweet in general with small spicy patches here and there. The chef needed to stir a bit more!

We had to switch tables and moved indoor half way through our meal cos a bunch of very noisy golfers came sat right next to us. Bummer. Here's my husband's burger. He seemed to enjoy it.

The house special flour-less chocolate cake wasn't all that special after all. The winner was actually the Longjing ice cream! It was not overly sweet and it had a distinct Longjing tea fragrance. It was so much better than what we had expected (we thought it'd be like green tea and we don't like it one bit). Would love to go back for more!

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