Thursday, April 03, 2008

Singapore - fish balls

Fish balls with noodles is a typical snack you find in every food centre in Singapore. On top of the Cantonese soupy version a dry and spicy version is also available and it seems to be more popular as well.
The noodles came with fish balls, a couple slices of pork and a spoonful of minced pork, all infused in a mild curry based sauce. On the side is a bowl of clear broth although I'm not entirely sure what you are supposed to do with it -I sipped mine like water as I ate..not bad. As for the noodles they had a nice bite and they were not sticky at all. The fish balls looked like the mass-produced machine made variety but they tasted OK and not too fishy at all. For S$3 a bowl it was not bad for what you get.

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