Thursday, April 24, 2008

Uighur Restaurant

We had a party of 12 for this visit to the Uighur Restaurant and it was nice to be able to order everything we possibly wanted on the menu. As usual we started off with some Xin Jiang black beer.

Salad with cucumber, tomatoes and onions. Loved the zingy dressing.

Xin Jiang flapjacks. A bit thicker than pizza base it was an excellent side dish to have with all the lamb.

Roasted leg of lamb, chopped up in pieces.

The always-perfect lamb skewers.

"Big pan chicken". It's similar to a mild yellow curry with potatoes and peppers. Loved the sauce and the potatoes but the chicken was a bit too bony.

Some kind of lamb stew the waitress recommended. It tasted so much better than it looked! The lamb was very very tender (think loin) and it's soaked up all that yummy sauce.

Hot and sour potato thread. Slightly crunchy and spicy the dish was another hit.
Another lamb stew recommended to us. While the taste was good the cut of meat was a little too chewy for me.
Dinner with loads of beer came to RMB100 per head.

Uighur Restaurant
1 Shanxi Rd. South, (nr. Yan An Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6255-0843

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous - this restaurant comes highly recommended so I was looking for the address & found it here, along with delectable photos!

I'll be in Shanghai for three days in early July - what are your can't miss scenes & don't miss eats given that timeframe?