Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Place Singaporean Restaurant

I like Singaporean food in general so I jumped the opportunity to go try one when C mentioned it. We had four of us that day and we got to try a few thing son the menu.

Stir-fried snow peas with minced pork. Not bad.
We saw the next table with the noodles and decided to try one. The waitress called it Malaysian fried noodles...I guess it was somewhat like mee goreng. Sweet and moist it was not a bad addition to have on the side. I don't think I could just have it on its own as it was quite heavy.
Black pepper beef. It was probably the best dish for the day. Would have been better if there was more beef.

Curry mutton. It was rather disappointing because the sauce didn't have that fragrant curry smell at all. In fact it didn't have much taste and the mutton was very fatty. Usually I would be able to enjoy the potatoes but since the sauce was nothing special the spud was also very blah.

Hainen chicken. The taste wasn't bad but I didn't really enjoy it as we got the the bony wing bit (I know some people rave about it). I like my chicken meaty. We also tried the chicken rice but it was a bit to the plain side.

We had a red bean based dessert to finish off our meal. I kind of enjoyed it because it wasn't too sweet but then again I crave sugar and it wasn't all that satisfying.
My Place
3/F, Pudong International Food Inn, 601 Zhang Yang Rd. (nr. Pudong South Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 5137-9787

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