Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Singapore - Maxwell Food Centre

They say you can find the best food in Singapore's food markets. On this early weekday afternoon I decided to check out Maxwell and as soon as I got there I was immediately blown away by the the number of stalls and the variety there.

I knew what I wanted and I went straight for it: chicken rice. There are numerous stalls selling chicken rice but Tian Tian was recommended to me. The line up (it wasn't even 12 in the afternoon) was a good sign.

For S$4 I got my chicken rice set. Bargain! You may have your chicken sans bones and skin - perfect for me.

Now the taste. Everything tasted right but nothing was exceptional. The chicken was kind of plain but the dips made up for it. The rice was fragrant but it didn't really jump out on me. And I didn't think much of the cucumbers and the soup. For S$4 it was very good and I will defintely go back for some more. Let's say it was better than the version at the HK Mandarin.

We went back on a Sunday afternoon for some more and this is the fish congee (S$3) I got which I had to line up for 45 mins! While I was lining up my mood changed from being annoyed to frustrated to extremely irritated then to curious. Curiosity prevailed at the end and I got to see what the deal was. Well I have to say it was very good but no congee is worth 45-min wait if you ask me.
Maxwell Food Centre
Maxwell Road near China Town, Singapore.

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