Monday, April 14, 2008

Heng Shan Cafe

A solo lunch at Heng Shan Cafe. Wanted something plain but my doc told me to eat more meat and hence the black pepper beef dish. It came an such a palaver but it wasn't what I expected. The sauce had no hint whatsoever of black pepper and instead it was slightly sweet tasting. It wasn't bad (a little strange with the sweet taste) but I felt cheated that's all.

The glutenous rice dumplings were huge!

I like the fact that it had more rice than fillings. I usually leave the fillings alone since they always seem a bit suspicious.

I had to order spinach for the iron but I really didn't like the slimy stir-fried version and the waitress suggested this: poached spinach with salted eggs and thousand-year-old eggs. It tasted much better than the fried version but it was difficult to pick all the thousand-year-old eggs out.

The best dish for this meal was my plain congee. It came with half a salted egg and some pickled vegetables. Didn't like the picked stuff at all but the congee was excellent.
Heng Shan Cafe
719 Yan An Rd. West (nr. Cao Jia Yan Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6226-0525

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