Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Singapore - Sitara Indian Restaurant

We decided to start our Singapore food hunt with Sitara based on our friend's recommendation. Across from the busy 24-hour mall Mustafa right in the middle of Little India we knew we were onto something good.

We were very pleased that a stack of poppadoms were served immediately right after we ordered. These days restaurants never give you poppadoms unless you order them. It's a major put off cos they are cheap as chips anyway so why upset your customers?

Our must-have starter chicken tikka. Although it didn't come in on a hot sizzling plate the chicken was still very nicely seasoned and cooked to perfection.

We tried something new as well this time: our aloo chaat had got a real kick to it. Good thing the dish was refreshingly cooled (chilled) otherwise we would have been on fire.

Our usual curry spread (clockwise from top right): nan bread, dal makhani (lentils curry), lamb biriyani, bhindi (okra) curry. All were pretty good especially the nan and the okra.

We had to sample the lamb vindoloo. The cuts of meat were nice and the curry was fierce! I think we can take spicy normally and this was almost reaching our limit.
Nice curry all in all but a little expensive I have to say. Dinner for 2 with 1 beer came to S$100!

Sitara Restaurant and Lounge
#01-01, 291 Serangoon Rd., Singapore. Tel: 6291-3211

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