Sunday, April 13, 2008


I couldn't believe how crowded it was at the Tai Po Mega Mall on a Saturday afternoon. I thought the whole point of living in the sticks was to get away from the crowd but there were just people everywhere! Interestingly the only eatery in the mall without a line-up was Watami and so there we went.

The menu is pretty much the same as the one I saw in Central about a year ago...I actually like stability. It's nice to know what to expect before we even walk in.

I can never remember the name of these beans (they call it green soy beans on the menu)(HK$19) but we always order them. It's one of those "feel-good" healthy dishes.

Bite sized tofu(HK$29). It was pretty tasty as far as tofu goes.

Beef sukiyaki (HK$59). A big dish consider the price tag but the beef was sooooooo fatty it was ridiculous. We considered saying something but we weren't too hungry at that point so we decided to eat all the veggies and picked at the little lean beef we could find.

Beef and okra rolls (HK$29). I really liked it as I love okra but my mom found it a little weird - she had never had okra before! Now what's more weird?

Eel skewers (HK$29). This is the only way I would eat eel (can't handle the Chinese eel dishes or worse yet, that English jellied eel...yuck). I liked the sauce and most importantly it's boneless.
We also had a pork chop with eggs on hot plate (HK$39). I don't know why but I once again forgot to take a picture. I always liked the dish but my mom said it was too salty.

We were so full and the meal came to HK$225. Everything was nice enough and worth the price tags. Will have to visit the Shanghai branches next week!

Shop 273-275, Zone B, Tai Po Mega Mall, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong. Tel: 2662-3241

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Anonymous said...

I had the beef sukiyaki a couple of nights ago at their TST outlet.
Beef was not as fatty as the one you had but the sauce was waaaay too sweet (even if the chef intended to cook it in the West Japan (Kansai) style)
I made a comment on that in their feedback note.
Next time, try out their cold noodles and their ice cream sundaes - it's very yummy!!