Sunday, October 28, 2007

Under Bridge Spicy Crab

My third (and much anticipated) visit to Under Bridge Spicy Crab. I would kill to have one of those mud crabs now!!

Since there were 4 of us we got to try all the signature dishes. Here we have boiled spicy whelks in Chinese wine. I didn't think I liked whelks but this was delicious! The sauce was tasty and spicy and somehow the whelks were tender and not chewy. More please!

Our token vegetable dish to make us feel better about eating all these deep fried dishes. Not bad.

Steamed garlic prawns. The prawns were really fresh and tender and they were not overcooked. Too bad I don't like garlic.

The purpose of the visit: deep fried mud crab typhoon shelter style. It's a typhoon shelter tradition to fry seafood in a huge pile of garlic and spices. For someone who doesn't normally like garlic I still find it irresistible.

Look at the size of my crab claw in comparison to the iphone. Hmmmm.........

Steamed scallops. Fresh and meaty.

Another one of my favourites: fried clams with chili and black bean sauce. It's the only occasion where I'd eat the otherwise very pungent black bean sauce. This recipe actually works! The clams were finger licking good.

Another speciality: minced pork and baby oyster congee. A good dish to wash down the rather heavy (greasy) dishes. I was expecting the oysters to be fishy but surprisingly they weren't!

Dinner for 4 with drinks came to just under HK$1400.

Under Bridge Spicy Crab (at least 4 locations on the same block!)
405 Lockhart Rd. (near Canal Rd.), Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Tel: 2893-1289

New shop with comfortable seating on Canal Rd near Jaffe Rd. - call for details.

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