Friday, October 26, 2007

Peak District - Manifold Valley

We began our day with a full breakfast - a big thanks to my husband for cooking. Loved the bacon!

The little country roads which led us to a very small village, Wetton, where our walk began.

Look who's peeking behind the hedge?

Our walk cut through a number of fields with farm animals - I was loving it!

Finding these stiles could be difficult sometimes.

At one point we missed one and decided to climb over a wall. Big mistake. My legs instanly felt like they were on fire.

Bloody nettles everywhere!

There was nobody there except us and the animals.

The theory of predicting rain by checking whether there are sitting animals is not valid. It was a pretty sunny day.

Very peaceful. Definitely a welcoming change from China.

A curious sheep.

Manifold valley.

A stream near Thor's Cave.

Thor's Cave. It's a short hike up - nice view from top.

Our walk took just over 3 hours. We could use some fresh air now for sure.

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