Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cathay Pacific/Dragon Air

I seem to be eating so much airline food these days so I might as well write about it. My starter on Cathay flight from Shanghai to Hong Kong. It was some kind of apple asparagus salad with cheese - not bad actually.

I picked beef (I always pick beef). While the beef was expectantly dry and chewy (what can you do?) the gravy was exceptionally nasty. I didn't even dare to investigate what's in the thick sauce.
The wine selection was not bad and of course there was the Haagen Dazs ice cream to save the day.

From Hong Kong to Shanghai: some beef salad. Pretty nondescript.

I picked the halibut because it was supposed to be a JW Marriot speciality. Should have picked chicken instead. The fish was mushy and sweet for some reason. Not the best food and I was glad I had noodles in the lounge beforehand.
TIP: definitely go for the Cathay lounge near gate 3 instead of the Dragon Air one. There's a fast and efficient noodle bar in one corner, and in the main lounge there are loads of tables, each with a phone (free local calls) and sockets for all your charging needs.

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