Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sicily - Taormina food

Our Sicily trip kicked off with a pretty delicious chicken fettuccine.
You wouldn't have guessed that it's an airplane meal if I don't show you the full picture. We were impressed! Go BA!
The warm and sunny Sicilian weather made our drive from Catania to Taormina very pleasant indeed. Too bad we didn't make it to the Greek theatre on time but we did find a wonderful restaurant located on the side of a very quiet stairs near the theatre.

To start I tried some fish cakes with pinenuts. To be honest I don't really remember what they were like so they were pretty average.

My sister B picked octopus to start and at the time I thought wow. Her adventurousness paid off! The octopus was divine! They were not at all chewy like I expected. Instead they were very soft (but not pappy) and the rich tomato and herbs sauce was out of this world. Two thumbs up!

Then I had fish again with picked red onions and 3 citrus jams. It sounded very strange but I was determined to find out (especially about the jams). The result was surprisingly nice! The flavours and combination were so unusual they were almost stimulating. The tangy jams totally woke my taste buds up and they went very well with the fish.
B went for homemade meatballs and was surprised to see battered and fried ones (I guess we were all expecting meatballs in tomato sauce). They were very tasty and again the lemon leaf and lemon rosemary garnish provided an unusual twist to the dish.
It's a shame we didn't have room for dessert. We did get to enjoy some singing - very touristy but hey.

I believe our meal came to around 60 euro. Not bad consider Taormina is the most expensive place in Sicily.

La Tavernetta

Via Timoleone, 22/24, Taormina, Sicily. Tel: 0942 23378

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