Friday, October 26, 2007

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class

The food in upper class was a whole lot better than economy and the beds are truly flat! We could get used to that for sure.

Shanghai to London. A late lunch was served. My cream of asparagus soup was not bad.

My husband's smoke salmon and blue cheese salad paled in comparison. I was actually worried that he'd get food poisoning!

We both ordered sirloin with mash and veg. Not bad at all.

Dessert was plentiful. Too bad the ice cream was some pappy non-Haagen Dazs stuff.

We had a 11-hour flight but only one meal and snacks were served. What gives? We always get hungry. This time around they had pastrami rolls as snacks and they filled the hole.

London to Shanghai. Flight left at 2:30pm but food was not served till 6. We missed lunch at the airport so we were starving!!
We both picked the cumin soup - very tasty but I'm pretty sure it causes BO.

Steak pie with mushy peas and mash. Smashing!!! Why don't they serve meat pies more often? It's easy and difficult to screw up.

My husband's dessert (didn't ask what it was). He said it was nice. I was too busy "trying" all the different wines by then.

Snacks include chicken tikka rolls and somehing else but we were all ready for bed.
There were so many choices for breakfast I didn't know where to begin. At the end I settle for some pancakes, fruit and yogurt to finish off the flight. Upper class is not a bad way to fly!

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