Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sicily - Ragusa sights

The drive from Etna to Ragusa took almost 4 hours but we instantly fell in love with this quaint classic little town down south. There was virtually no tourist and people were so friendly. Woohoo!

That evening we strolled along the streets in the "new" part of town, watched local men chilling and talking in front of coffee shops while we soaked in the atmosphere.

We woke up to another warm and sunny day and started off in the "new" town. The new town was built after the 1693 earthquake (which destroyed the old town), while the old town was being restored.

Piazza S. Giovanni in new town.

Authentically Sicilian: tree-lined streets, mopeds, and small cars.

Sicily's famous exports: aubergines, peppers, lemons, pistachios, fennel, tomatoes, durum wheat.

The landscape of Ragusa is probably the most interesting if not drastic of all the places I have visited. The the old town rests on a very narrow "rock" and the new town on a high plateau. The two towns are connected by a very winding road. View of old town from plateau.

Another view of old town. Notice there is not much outside the old town perimeter.

Interior of Chiesa del Purgatorio. Note the painting "Anime in Purgatorio" by Francesco Manno.

The magnificent Cattedrale di San Giorgio(1744). We were not able to go inside because of a wedding. Imagine walking down that aisle!!

Piazza in front of the cathedral and wedding car Italian style.

One of the smaller medieval churches(1563) near Giardino Ibleo.

We spent the day walking around the very small and quiet old town and were sad to have to leave so soon. If I ever get a chance to go back I'd definitely spend more time exploring the south.

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