Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sicily - Ortygia food

Ortygia was so busy and it's full of restaurants and shops, but we have to say we preferred the atmosphere in Ragusa.

We decided to eat right in the middle of the busiest spot, Piazza del Duomo, in order to do some people watch. At a spot like this we didn't expect excellent food but at the end we thought it wasn't bad at all.

We began with some local wine - the Regaleali estate is probably the most famous estate in Sicily and I could see why. The wine was heavy enough to withstand our strong food.

I wish we could take some grissini home. They were being served everywhere we went and they were simply tasty!

Just thought I'd take a picture of the world's biggest box of matches.

B ordered prawn cocktail to start - she said it was OK but I'm never too keen on the dish and that big dollop of dressing looked scary to me.

She liked my sardine pasta so much from the day before she wanted to have one herself. This version had breadcrumbs, a traditional Sicilian cooking ingredient because of poverty and starvation in the past, which made the dish so much more filling. It was enjoyable but not as good as the one we had on the previous day. This one was salty and lacked the fennel aroma.

I decided to go for spaghetti with mussels since everybody else was having it. It was simple yet nicely seasoned and the mussels were fresh. I could eat this everyday. If I had to pick on something it'd be the the level of salt but by then we already got used to the very salty food on the island.

My entrecote steak. Nice meat, could use some side dishes. Mind you I was pretty full at that point so perhaps it was just as well.

Lunch came to 40 euro. Not bad given the restaurant's location. And although we expected much worse food it was actually not bad!

Gran Caffe' del Duomo
Piazza del Duomo, Ortygia.

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