Friday, October 26, 2007

Peak District - Blackbrook Zoological Park

Black Pencilled Marmoset from Brazil. Cute jumpy things but very smelly.

Bearded Dragon from Australia. Cool guy eyeing my camera without moving its head.

I felt bad my flash went off at the owl. Sorry!

The first time I saw a Mandarin duck.

White Egret.

Porcupine - it's so much bigger than I thought it'd be (think medium sized dog). I think I'm getting them mixed up with hedgehogs.

Asian Small-Clawed Otter. Very quick and cute.

A very inquisitive (or hungry) crane.

Noisy and bold pelicans.

Ready to eat!

I hadn't realised peacocks can fly. Why do they stay in the park?

An albino kangaroo.

I wonder if they are a couple. So cute and cuddly.

An interesting move there.

Blackbrook Zoological Park
Winkhill, near Leek ST13 7QR

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