Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sicily - Mt. Etna sights

Our drive to Mt. Etna from Taormina took about an hour and we drove past some interesting small towns on the way.

An impressive cathedral in a small town on the way up Etna.

When we got to the cable car station at 1923m it was almost 11:30. It was a good thing that we avoided the busy morning traffic.

At the other end of the cable car (2500m) we got on a truck and we got taken towards one of the craters at 2920m.

There are 4 craters in total and some are smoking. This one was quiet.

We tracked around one of the smoking craters. The walk was harder than usual. I guess altitude played a part.

There was not a whole lot of volcanic activity other than smoke. I was getting a little bored I have to say.

See the awesome power at Yasur volcano in Vanuatu! Etna paled in comparison.

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