Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Xin Ji Shi

Ever since the pork in sugar and vinegar sauce turned bad in Xin Ji Shi we hardly go there any more. On this visit we were determined to explore the menu a little more.

Stir fried sprouts. Tasted like grass.

Ma Po Tofu. Very nicely cooked and flavorful. It was not too oily and had a nice consistency - loved it.

We decided to try the deep fried salt and chili pork and it paid off! The pork was lean and succulent. We liked the thin batter and to our surprise it wasn't too oily.

Fried Mandarin fish with butter and wine. It was crispy but as usual the fish was a little too thin.

Our all-time favourite beef in chili oil. We just love the way it's made here.
Dinner for 2 came to RMB410.

Corner of Huang Pi Rd. and Tai Cang Rd., Shanghai. Tel: 6336-4746

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