Wednesday, November 21, 2007


A block down from where we live, we somehow never considered making a trip down to Arugula. Turns out we haven't missed much really.

The restaurant is set in a cute lane house with a small and cozy dining room on the ground floor and a comfy lounge on the second floor. Too bad the food didn't really match up to the setting. First of all we didn't really think much about the hotel-room-service inspired menu: it's got a bit of everything with all the popular items. Yarn.

My husband's chicken quesadilla. It didn't look bad actually and he said it was OK.

My German cold cut platter. I'm not quite sure why it was German..maybe the little sausage at the top? The selection was nothing special, and I was actually scared of the dark red one - I think they were some kind of black pudding. I tasted a small bite and the texture was very weird and worrying.

My husband's pasta dish. He said it was OK - nothing special.

My burger with bacon (see what I meant by room service menu??). Topped with bacon and processed cheese it had a nice flavour but the cut of meat was too fatty and gritty.
The service was pretty good but we think they'll have to work on the food for sure if they want people to go back. On our visit (Friday 8pm) there were only 3 tables including us. To be honest no one is going to make a special trip to the place for its average food and it's clearly not doing very well with just the neighbourhood traffic. Good luck!

Dinner for 2 with 2 drinks came to about RMB350.

Lane 49, House 2, FuXing Rd West (nr Wulumuqi Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6433-8577

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