Saturday, November 03, 2007

Tony Roma's

We had never really considered going to Tony Roma's prior to this visit...why go to a chain restaurant when there's no surprises on what you are getting?

On this day though we decided to have something reassuring and Tony Roma's was perfect. Our set lunches came with a soup or salad, a main and unlimited refills of pop or iced tea - all for RMB79 - not bad at all.

Cream of potato soup. Very generic, like the stuff you get in uni cafeterias.

Same story with the cream of mushroom soup. (There and then I realised my iphone camera is really unforgiving for shaky hands. Sorry.)

Our chicken and ribs combo. There were less ribs then I would like but they were very tender and juicy. The chicken strips on the other hand were a little to the dry side and too salty. All in all it wasn't a bad meal, and although it didn't come close to Bubba's Texas BBQ, it's not a bad substitute if we want to avoid the long drive to the sticks.
Tony Roma's
#109 Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing West Rd.(nr Xi Kang Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6279-7129

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