Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bubba's Texas BBQ & Saloon

I found myself back to Bubba's again sooner than I though - BBQ ribs are addictive.

We started off with margaritas and jalapeno poppers again. My husband's frozen margarita was not very good unfortunately. It was melted instead of frozen - the on-the-rocks version was much better.

The jalapeno poppers (RMB40) (see picture here) didn't disappoint: they were fiery and stuffed with delicious cheese. My tongue burned for 20 mins afterwards.

My husband's double combo (RMB120) with pulled pork and ham with fries and borracho beans w/jalapeno cornbread on the side. He liked the pulled pork a lot but he found the ham a little blah and too fatty. We had no idea what borracho beans were and we found them a little plain. On the recipes I found on the internet beans should be cooked in beer with bacon bits, cilantro, chili and tomatoes. This version didn't taste anything like it.

I decided to take the triple combo (RMB140) challenge this time. I picked ribs (of course), beef brisket, ham, borracho beans and fried hush puppies. The ribs were as nice as my previous visit: smoky and tender - could be leaner though. And then there's my new-found favourite: beef brisket! I couldn't believe how nice it was (my friends C and C loved theirs last time but still). I do think it's luck of a draw on how lean the meat is. For this visit my brisket was as lean as it could be but it's not always the case (see pictures here).
Like my husband I found the ham boring and it paled in comparison to the ribs and pulled pork. I think on my next visit I will get ribs, brisket and pulled pork for sure. I also didn't think much of the hush puppies - made of cornmeal they are a little too chewy and heavy for me. I will stick with the excellent coleslaw next time.

Bubba's Texas BBQ & Saloon
2262 Hong Qiao Rd. (near Jian He Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6242-2612

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