Sunday, September 23, 2007

Coconut Paradise

Some kind of fresh vegetable spring rolls. The vegetables were all crunchy and the rice paper wrapper firm and not too sticky. A refreshing dish but the dip was a little bland and could use more kick.
Thai BBQ beef salad. Not bad in terms of flavour but some of that beef was a little tough and hard. Maybe it's the cut but it was probably overcooked.
Green beef curry - the beef is very tender and the sauce rich and tasty. Excellent dish!

Grilled chicken in banana leaf. Not bad but very greasy.

Steamed fish in plum sauce. The sauce was soy base and a little sour - nothing special at all and it didn't add anything to the fish. The fish itself was some fresh water fish (carp?) and it was extremely muddy. Not worth it.

Pad Thai. Nice texture and consistency - a nice addition to the plain rice.
We also had tom yum soup and some coconut based soup. Dinner for 6 with beers came to RMB800.

Coconut Paradise
38 Fumin Rd. (near Julu Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6248-1998

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