Sunday, September 23, 2007

Moon River Diner

Taco salad. The actual taco shell was huge! It looked impressive. U said it's a little too spicy but nonetheless tasty.

My bacon burger, fried egg on top, and chili cheese fries on the side. Everything (including the toasted burger buns) was perfect. I wish they'd use back bacon instead of streaky ones. I spent a while picking all the fat out (I know it's ironic when I was having a big fat burger to begin with but hey).

Lunch with two very delicious strawberry milkshakes (best in town!) came to RMB200. I should add that while I ate everything on my plate I was not hungry for the next 2 days.

Moon River Diner (4 locations in town)
68 Yu Yao Rd. (near Xi Kang Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 5213-5106

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